At Above & Beyond Pools & Spas we have pool options to fit any budget or landscape. Choose from one of our aboveground, on ground or in ground pools.

Above Ground

An above ground pool is the natural choice for affordability, flexibility and low maintenance. Cornelius Pools is the reputable choice for quality, variety and long-term dependability. As the world's largest manufacturer of family-sized above ground steel & resin pools, we offer a wide selection of models to choose from to fit any budget and to enhance any backyard setting. Loads of worry-free fun, recreation and relaxation are packed into every one of our pools.

above ground pool


An on-ground pool is perfect for yards which slope because the pool can be installed partially in the ground and partially out. It can be decked with redwood or pressure treated wood and complimented with either a concrete deck or pavers. Depths ranges available are from 40" to a 6' Deep End. This pool wall, equipment and materials are like that of an in-ground pool but competitively priced like a higher end above ground pool. The materials used in these pools typically are stronger than those used to construct an aboveground. An in-ground pools' wall system is designed with strength and structural integrity in mind, making for a more permanent addition to the backyard. Because the on-grounds usually feature individual panels that slide together, the overall structure withstands the test of time, and the demands of active swimmers.

on ground pool


What is Vida Series…It’s the vision of your dreams and all your hard work coming together, making your own Pura Vida out of nature and elements. Taking the beauty of life and molding it into your perfect oasis. Make your swimming pool more than just a place to swim...Make it a lifestyle choice. All components of Vida Series steel wall pool kits are made from the highest grade of galvanized steel available. Our panels are fabricated using the latest clinch-lock technology for superior corrosion resistance and durability – NO WELDS!

in ground pool


Established in 1971, Narellan Pools® began as a small, family-owned business in Sydney’s South West. We have grown to become Australia’s leading fibreglass pool manufacturer of technologically advanced swimming pools with manufacturing facilities in NSW and QLD. Today we are supplying and installing throughout Australia, Europe, The Middle East, New Zealand, South Pacific and Asia. Our Vision is to build the world’s best and most loved swimming pools. At Narellan Pools® we pride ourselves on remaining a family owned business with a strong emphasis on quality products and services to our clients – values that have secured our position as Australia’s premier supplier and installer of in-ground composite swimming pools.

Fibreglass pools have taken a great leap forward in popularity recently thanks to the introduction of new technology. Narellan's fibreglass swimming pools are:

  • Durable and flexible. Fibreglass pools are less susceptible to rot or rust, and will flex rather than crack with ground movement.
  • Easy to clean. Our technologically advanced pool surfaces stay clean for longer, and for an easier clean, we offer self-cleaning chlorination systems or the Vortex Infloor Cleaning Circulation System for a completely self-cleaning pool.
  • Easy maintenance. We offer only the best cleaning equipment, filters, heaters and lighting.
  • Various colours, shapes and sizes. Fibreglass swimming pools come in a wide range of colours shapes and sizes.
fiberglass pool



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