Great Lakes Saunas

Model: Tremblant
Indoor use only
2-person unit
Dry heat infrared sauna – no steam, no humidity
120V, 15Amp
300 lbs.
Size: 42″ x 50″ x 77″
EMF = 1.3mG, 4 “Far” Infrared Heaters
30-45 minute assembly, locking clasp assembly so no tools required
1 year warranty on parts, no warranty on labour due to the ease of replacement of any parts


  • Canadian hemlock wood inside and out with a finished veneer outside
  • Inside to be cleaned with a wet cloth only, no chemicals
  • Not recommended to paint or stain unit (inside or outside)
  • Stainless steel handle outside, wood handle inside
  • Double thickness tempered glass door, opens 180 degrees for ease of getting in and out
  • Felt lining around door to hold in heat
  • Magnets at top and bottom of door


  • Mica heaters all around for even heat distribution (back, sides, floor, legs and side of door locations)
  • Heaters are 1500W
  • Sauna uses 1.5KW of energy (multiply this by hydro rate to get cost for energy use)
  • Normal use is approximately 20 minutes for pre-heat and approximately 1 hour per day
  • Heaters are rated to last 3000-5000 hours and are easily replaceable. Approximate replacement cost $150/panel
  • Can heat from 67 degrees to 140 degrees Fahrenheit (19-60 C)
  • Heat control units both outside and inside sauna


  • Aromatherapy dish
  • Colour changing LED lights on ceiling
  • White light and temperature sensor on ceiling
  • Built in Bluetooth audio system
  • 2 lights outside over door
  • Timer, pre-heat and auto-start options

Sell price $3995.00
Optional Delivery and Installation $500.00
Pick up is FOB our store

Installation video is available on Youtube

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