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Great Lakes Hot Tub

Great Lakes Hot Tub series embodies more beneath the surface. Allow your spa experience to become more relaxing and luxurious than ever with new and exciting all-inclusive features. Our Glacier AO₃P Filtration brings the purest water possible to your spa by combining ozone generation and UV-C light; blackout insulation ensures that your tub stays warm, allowing up to 20% more heat retention; multi-speed pumps bring up to 400% more hydro massage configurations; and the Spa Status LED brings more convenience to your spa maintenance, allowing you to check the status of your spa from your kitchen window.

Great Lakes Hot Tubs has partnered with Alliance for the Great Lakes. A portion of the profits of every Great Lakes Hot Tubs purchase will be designated to preserving the Great Lakes. We are excited to contribute to protecting these beautiful lakes that contain one-fifth of the world’s surface freshwater, working to save the ecosystems that rely on the Great Lakes for years to come.

The Alliance for the Great Lakes is a nonpartisan nonprofit organization working across the region to protect our most precious resource: the fresh, clean and natural waters of the Great Lakes.

  • KH-10106 Huron GL
  • KH-10123 Kelowna GL
  • KS-10017 13ft Swim Spa GL
  • KS-10019 20ft Swim Spa GL
  • KH-10107 Erie GL
  • KH-10117 Alberta GL
  • KS-10018 16ft Swim Spa GL
  • KH-10104 Erie SE GL
  • KH-10118 Kingston GL

Innova Spas

The Innova Spa feeling is the perfect combination of style and sophistication. The Feeling series embodies more beneath the surface with new and exciting all-inclusive features. Allow your spa experience to become more relaxing, luxurious and more modern than ever with the Feeling series.

Enjoy the versatility of two opposing lounge chairs or stretch out and lay back in a full-length lounge chair. Whether you prefer to relax or socialize with friends and family, you can do it all with an Innova Spa.


The layout of the Feeling follows a traditional pattern with added versatility. You can relax in either of the two opposing lounge chairs or you can stretch your legs out and lay back in the full length lounge chair. The lounge chair also enables you to swing your legs around, sit up and enjoy a family conversation. The Feeling also contains a step in / cool down seat for easier and safer entering and exiting to and from the spa. This step also doubles as a cool down seat. If total emersion in the water makes you feel a bit overheated, sit on the cool down seat and enjoy the hot water comfort under your terms.

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Spa Chemistry

Spa chemistry is quite different than pool chemistry.

Spas operate at much higher temperatures and hold a much smaller volume of water. The ratio of bathers to water is much higher in a spa, which means much more bather waste (sweat, lotion, hair etc.) is found in the spa water therefore spa water must be maintained quite differently than pools.

Tested and proven effective BioGuard products are known for delivering reliable results and making pool and spa care less complex. We carry an extensive line of spa solutions that match your unique needs.

Looking for a more natural way to sanitize your spa?

We also offer Spa Marvel. Spa Marvel Water Treatment & Conditioner is an environmentally-friendly, enzyme based spa water treatment product that reduces and eliminates the need for many of the chemicals used in traditional spa water treatments.

We encourage you to utilize our water testing service. This service is free of charge when you purchase our BioGuard and Spa Marvel products.

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