Spring Opening Form

    Above & Beyond Pools and Spas offers a complete selection of services , from seasonal openings to weekly maintenance and repair services we have you covered. Schedule your pool or spa opening with us today!

    Spring 2023 Pool Opening Service Contract

    Simply pick your package along with any additional services, choose your opening date, fill out the form and send it back to us. Openings are scheduled on a “first come, first serve” basis. We will do our best to schedule you within the week you have chosen and will call or email you to notify you of the actual date that you are scheduled for. Your account must be in good standing. (Other forms of payment include e-transfer email accounting@abpoolsandspas.com).

    Basic Pool Opening Package

    • Remove all winterizing plugs and gizmos.

    • Reinstall ladders, lights, fittings and baskets.

    • Reassemble circulation and filtration equipment.

    • Reinstall pressure gauge, sight glass and backwash hose.

    • Place solar blanket and roller in position

    • Evaluate equipment and accessories and suggest replacements if necessary.

    • Add pool opening chemical kit and check for operation and/or leaks.

    Additional Opening Services

    Out of Service Area

    (* All prices are subject to H.S.T)

    Preferred Opening Dates

    Please Note:

    • Packages DO NOT include pool cleaning or vacuuming.

    • We are not licensed gas technicians and we cannot and will not start up gas heaters.

    • Any problems found at opening that cannot be fixed quickly or that the techs do not have supplies on board for will require a separate service call, which will be booked as soon as possible. Repairs completed at time of opening are not included in pool opening price and will be invoiced and charged along with any materials used.

    • Above & Beyond assumes no responsibility for tearing of covers due to age or winter damage or for brittle, worn hoses and plastic.

    • Cover water will be removed by the method best decided by our technicians. This may or may not include pumping.

    • Services are provided weather permitting. It is unsafe for our staff to work in certain weather conditions. You will be notified with a new date if your appointment needs to be rescheduled due to weather.

    Credit Card Payment:

    Call us at (613) 257-2117 with your credit information to book your summer pool opening. Please note that we will need a credit card on file before scheduling your appointment.

    Would you like to have a receipt emailed to you?

    Type of Pool/Equipment:

    Customer Responsibilities

    • Customer MUST have water level topped up to half way up the skimmer mouth before we arrive to enable priming of the pump and leak checking. If we have to go back for a second call due to low water level you will be charged extra for this call. If you have a cover on, you can put a hose underneath the cover to top up your water.

    • All pool fittings and equipment need to be left poolside for our techs or clearly indicate where they are located.

    • Access to water and power is needed. Please make sure water line is turned on and a garden hose is available and that the breaker supplying electricity to the pool equipment is turned on.

    • The opening chemical kit we put in your pool is only an opening amount of shock and algaecide. You still need to treat your water with chlorine and balancers. We highly recommend bringing in a water sample to be tested 24 hours after pool has been filled and started. If your pool is already green at opening or turns green after we have left, this is a balance issue and needs to be corrected as soon as possible.

    • Salt systems do not operate until a minimum water temperature of 20◦C/70◦F is reached. You may need to add chlorine manually until your salt cell reaches the correct operating temperature.

    • We cannot give you timeframes for when your service will take place. Customer must either allow us to perform services with no one present or they must be available the whole day that service is scheduled.

    • **We MUST have a valid credit card number on file OR the Opening must be paid in FULL prior to our technicians going out to perform the work.

    Please notify us 48 hours in advance for cancellations. Failure to notify us in advance will incur a cancellation charge of $75.00 charged to your credit card.

    Contract Service

    Service disclaimer applies to all services provided. We do not offer discounts or partial refunds for customer completed services. Our team is committed to delivering complete services and guarantees that all services will be completed in their entirety. We ensure that all work is verified and approved by our in-house quality assurance team before finalization.

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