Hot Tub Closing

    Have our technicians professionally close your hot tub for you. All hot tubs must be full and running when we arrive on-site to be considered for winter warranty.

    Preferred Closing Dates

    The dates are not guaranteed, we will do our best to accommodate one of these choices and contact you to propose an available date if neither are available. Your booking confirmation will include the assigned date.

    Choose 1-3 options from the list below

    Out of Service Area




    • Do you have a deck or any obstruction with in 2’ of any side of the hot tub

    Photo of tub showing surrounding area (min 3’ around all sides of the tub)

    1-3 JETS PUMPS

    4+ PUMPS


    Winter Warranty

    To qualify for our winter warranty the hot tub and standard cover must be wrapped up from the winter elements. This can be achieved in a few ways. Either the tub is in a closed in gazebo, a spa cap is installed by the technicians, or the homeowner can wrap the tub with a 1 piece tarp within 12 hours of the closing and send in photo to the service dept. Please select below the winter warranty you would like to go with.

    Please note

    • Any problems found at closing that cannot be fixed quickly or that the techs do not have supplies on board for will require a separate service call, which will be booked as soon as possible. Repairs completed at time of closing are not included in pool closing price and will be invoiced and charged along with any materials used.

    • Above & Beyond assumes no responsibility for tearing of covers due to age or winter damage or for brittle, worn hoses and plastic.

    • Services are provided weather permitting. It is unsafe for our staff to work in certain weather conditions. You will be notified with a new date if your appointment needs to be rescheduled due to weather.

    • Antifreeze is NOT included in the cost of the closing and will be charged accordingly.

    • Due to pumping restrictions enforced by the city of Ottawa, saltwater spas must be drained onto the owner’s property, no exceptions

    Credit Card Payment:

    Call us at (613) 257-2117 with your credit information to book your hot tub closing. Please note that we will need a credit card on file before scheduling your appointment.

    Would you like to have a receipt emailed to you?

    Customer Responsibilities

    • We ask that all pets remain indoors while our technicians are on site.

    • Above and beyon does not move or lift spas, lift or make alterations to decks, etc. It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that the technician has proper access to the yard, the spa and its components/equipment prior to their arrival. If access is not available, the service will not be provided and the cost of the visit will be non-refundable. The return visit will be considered an extra visit and be charged at full cost.

    Contract Service

    Service disclaimer applies to all services provided. We do not offer discounts or partial refunds for customer completed services. Our team is committed to delivering complete services and guarantees that all services will be completed in their entirety. We ensure that all work is verified and approved by our in-house quality assurance team before finalization.

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