Beachcomber Hot Tubs


A Beachcomber Hot Tub is easy to buy, install and operate. And it costs less than you might imagine. It's like a home appliance - designed to provide a lifetime of comfort, for pennies a day. And you can take it with you when you move. All you need for a Beachcomber at your home is a level spot, water from a garden hose and electricity.

The 700 Series

Beachcomber’s 700 Series hot tubs encompass our executive lineup in comfort, design and quality. They feature all of our best attributes and available options, including twin pumps, body molded hand grips and many other features. The 700’s are always a best choice, no matter which model you choose and all come with our famous worldwide guarantee.

beachcomber 700 series

The 500 Series

Beachcomber’s 500 series gives you options to choose from, and a popular range of sizes and configurations that customers tell us that they love. Some of Beachcomber’s all time best selling models are in this range, including the family-size models 578 and 550.

beachcomber 500 series hot tub

The 300 Series

Beachcomber's 300 Series establishes the benchmark for quality and value. No matter which Beachcomber you choose, you get the same high quality throughout our lineup. The 300 series gives you high value, with our traditional features that give easy use, relaxation and performance every day.

beachcomber 300 series hot tub


Our Guarantee

Beachcomber offers you:

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